Thursday, August 2, 2007

Is Delhi Safe ?

Delhi, often makes the news on account of its security or rather lack of it. Rape of women, even a Swiss diplomat was raped, murder, theft etc. So what is the true picture. Is Delhi safe?
Delhi is a large city, with 15 million inhabitants. Delhi offers you both, old world grace and uncouth behaviour. Latter is much more visible but former does exist as well.

Much has been written about it and Google will give many leads. Delhi has become a city of migrants, from the neighboring states people come to work. They have no love for the city nor respect. Delhi is to be abused and living made off. Search of work brings in large numbers many people who are hungry for success and money. Failures here make them angry and their ego makes them look at women for easy conquest.

Minor and little precautions shall keep you safe. Like any large metropolis, Delhi has its underbelly. Avoid unknown areas in the night if without a male escort. When planning to spend a large part of day traveling in different quarters of Delhi, dress appropriately and take care of your belongings. Let your hosts know where you are going, if possible, take a cell phone connection. Keep a list of police numbers handy and other such services.

Normally Delhi is safe, but then you can help yourself by observing the above rules. This shall allow you to get introduced you to the old world charm of Delhi as well. Be open and inquisitive but within the decorum. Genuine concern and quest will help you open many doors. Delhi is a rare city, perhaps one of its kind in the whole world. To best of my knowledge, Delhi is the only city in world which had to rebuild it self 8 times.

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