Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nightclub scene comes back

For those looking for a night of entertainment and a taste of the club scene, the opportunity will be arriving Dec. 22 when The Awakening 2 will make its way to the Delhi Belgian Club.

The Awakening 2 and its predecessor, which occurred this past summer, is the brainchild of Delhi native Max Adams, who now resides in Toronto and is the manager of a nightclub.

"I brought the original one on Aug. 25 and I just wanted to make something for people to do down here," said Adams. "It was a huge success, we had 450 people through the door and a lot of people that didn’t come were just like ‘oh, you got to do it again.’ So I spoke with the hall, and this was the date we settled on. And basically we’re ready to go again."

Adams first decided to organize the original event, after realizing that nothing similar had ever been done in the area before.

"There are lots of bars around here," said Adams. "But we are going to go for that club night feel, there is going to be music for everybody. We are going to do some old rock, some R & B and hip hop at the start of the night. After 12, we are keeping it all high-energy dance music, and house music to end off the night."

Different DJs will be playing throughout the course of the night, DJ unlisted and DJ light along with DJ envious, who may be familiar to patrons of the Turkey Point Hotel.
For the second incarnation of the Awakening, Adams plans to build upon the strengths of the first event and address the concerns expressed after its conclusion.

"With the first one, it was more of an experiment and it was successful," said Adams. "Now we are looking to fix the problems of the first one. The first one, the major concerns were the night ended a bit too early, so we are going to be a bit later."

Although the partygoers wished that the night could have gone on longer, everyone present seemed to enjoy themselves.

"But by the end of the night, the dance floor was incredible," said Adams. "The dance floor was just bouncing. People wanted the music to go later, the DJs wanted to keep playing, but we had to shut down the party eventually."

The Awakening 2 is a 19 plus event. Tickets can be purchased in the downstairs portion of the Belgian Club for Rs.40 or Rs.600 at the door.

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